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Tri Tier Training provides training solutions relating to close quarter self protection, awareness, movement, relaxation and stillness. Tri Tier is based on Aran Dharmeratnam's many years of training and research in the field of self defence, close quarter tactics, subtle mind body training, Criminology, breath knowledge, and the martial arts. Tri Tier represents a specialised approach with training delivered through private one to one sessions and in house company programmes.


Three Tiers

This a three tier approach with the tiers being inter connected and explored simultaneously. They are stillness, resilience and tactics.



When we connect with stillness it has a powerful restorative effect on mind and body. It also increases our awareness, both internal and external. It allows us to feel calmer, functioning from a state of clarity and readiness. From a tactical perspective, it allows for greater spontaneity and adaptability in movement, action and response.


The Tri Tier System utilises stillness exercises that can help practitioners to relax, reduce stress levels and return to a point of internal balance. Exercises are used to release tension, and free the body of restrictive movement and response patterns. Then there is the vital principle of working with the breath. The breath can be used to improve efficiency in self defence and increase performance in a diverse array of tasks and working environments. Training introduces ways breathing can be used to increase awareness, energise the body and develop a sense of calm even under pressure.



Tri Tier's tactical approach addresses threat recognition, avoidance, disengagement, and more direct measures when necessary. In training, don’t expect to see people throwing fancy kicks or throws based on extreme muscular prowess. The tactics are based on efficiency, elusiveness and suddeness.Rather than study overly complex step by step techniques against a set attack, the emphasis is on spontaneity and an ability to flow with the unexpected. Practitioners get to explore the tactics and movements that work for their body type. The sense of freedom and creativity found in this intuitive free flow approach makes training interesting and fun. Other principles embraced include unconventional tactics, natural body movement, conflict negotiation and psychological tactics.



This realm of training addresses the importance of being able to keep going, to keep focused and handle adversity. It also introduces the concept of maintaining the dynamic equilbrium which we regard as an inner balance that can be embraced even when the odds look less favourable and the surroundings are volatile and unpredictable. It can be helpful for those in high stress environments or a fast paced workplace. There are also exercises and drills to inspire creative solutions and negotiate life's obstacles..This part of the training encourages the person to develop optimism and resourcefulness.






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