Features relating to self protection, mind body training and Tri Tier. Please note the copyright.




Training Observations

(Observations about Tri Tier by Savate instructor James Dexter).


Things to do When you're in Danger

(An interview with Aran, which appeared in the July 2007 issue of Combat.)


Tri Tier Performance Enhancement Training

(To discover strengths and weakness, improve performance, motivation and key training tools).



The Uncomfortable Zone


(Self defence training requires preparation. Here are some key factors we address. Combat magazine March 2008)



Urban Tactics


(A self defence feature introducing some of the tactical concepts covered, Combat magazine 2007)



Dealing with Fear


(A look at one of the most important subjects connected with self protection and how it's addressed in Aran Dharmeratnam's Tri Tier approach)



Tri Tier's Mind Body Training For Performing Artists


(Training related to movement, martial arts and spontaneity)




Tri Tier Blade Awareness


(Training related to edged weapon awareness and knife defence)



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