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Today many are feeling the need to be in the present, to adapt to the moment and flow with the unexpected...That's why Tri Tier exists...


Tri Tier offers a variety of specialised training solutions from tactical training to performance enhancement. Its delivered through private one to one sessions and at in-house company and organisational levels.

The founder of Tri Tier is Aran Dharmeratnam, a leading expert in close quarter self defence and subtle mind-body skills. This training is useful for executives, professionals and those working in the media or security interested in practical self protection skills, performance enhancement and intuitive training.


Finding that internal equilibrium:

• Realistic self defence
Awareness and urban disengagement

• Natural body movement and relaxation methods
• Resilience and fear control
• Conflict avoidance and edged weapon awareness
• Women's personal safety training

• Private one to one training in London


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