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Internationally recognised, Aran specialises in close quarter defence tactics and mind body training. High profile professionals from the financial, legal and media sector are among those who seek out Aran for training; as well as athletes, performers and those working within the security industry.



Aran's innovative approach- Tri Tier is based on many years of training and research. He also has a degree in Law and Criminology. Over the years Aran received training from masters of Indian, Brazilian, Chinese and Russian martial arts. Training that took him to many interesting parts of the world including the Far East and Russia. He has trained in arts including Daito Ryu AikiJutsu, Kick Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Fencing, Chinese internal methods and Systema. Along with this training, he has experience of countering aggression working in the security industry.

Aran has appeared in numerous publications, including: Aviation Security International, The Financial Times, Black Belt, Security Management Today, Combat, Safety and Health Practitioner, and Global Defence Review. Today he carries out consultancy work related to security and self defence. He also works closely with global security companies involved in investigation and strategic intelligence.





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After twenty years of martial art training and competing in full contact Thai Boxing, the several years I have spent so far training with Aran have been the best in terms of skills shown and depth.’

JD, Silver Glove Savate defence instructor, Lutte instructor


'In my professional opinion, as a employee in the security industry, Aran is an expert in the field of stress management and security tactics.  His sharing of knowledge on breathing and movement gives us professionals a better understanding of how to cope with potentially dangerous work situations. Also, Aran's training, especially breathing, will help you cope with everyday stress and life changing circumstances.'

A F, Customs Border Protection Officer, US Homeland Security


Aran’s understanding of the human body is of a high level. His teaching method is dynamic and practical.’

PH, Chiropractor, former Aikido instructor


'Having studied several martial arts over the years, I find, the system and methods that Aran has developed over a lifetime of dedication are highly effective and practical. Learning to reduce mental and physical tension not only allows vastly more effective performance, but the awareness of and knowledge of how to manage this tension pays great dividends in daily life.'

RD, aviation professional, former fighter pilot and electronic warfare specialist


'Aran is very dedicated to the martial arts and is one of those rare individuals who actually lives it! Having known Aran for a number of years I would whole-heartedly recommend his classes to anyone seeking attainment in the martial arts.’

JC, Asan (Instructor) in the Indian martial art – Kalarippayattu




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