Tri Tier...self-protection training and security consultancy for a new era


Enhance awareness, avoid danger, protect yourself,  be calm under pressure...

Tri Tier is the creation of  Aran Dharmeratnam, a specialist in self-protection.
With a degree in Law and Criminology, extensive training in multiple forms of self-defence, and experience working in various areas of security,  Aran's training and security services  transcend many levels.




Working with:


Tri Tier is shared with families, companies, high profile figures, professionals, CEOs, family offices, educational establishments, government bodies , and young people with travel plans.


Bespoke  courses delivered through private one to one sessions,  in house company or organisational level and online coaching.




Adapt to the unexpected:


Our advisers include individuals with: law enforcement, special forces, and security backgrounds. Clients also provided with insightful notes, with training delivered in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.





Discover your inner capabilites:    


Increase Awareness and Avoidance Skills

Enhance Travel Safety Knowledge

Gain Practical Self Defence ( Tactics designed specifically for women, also provided)




Diffuse Aggressive Situations

Detect Deceptive Behaviour

Access  Physical, Psychological and Subtle Levels of Training




Acquire Free Flowing Movement and Disengagement Tactics

Learn Relaxation Techniques, Breathing Practices and Resilience

Build Confidence, Concentration and Intuition 


Aran's team also provide a discreet security and investigations  service. Contact us to arrange a private discussion.