Our Courses:



Tri Tier One to One Foundation Course


A unique twelve hour private training experience delivered over 1 or 2 hour sessions, covering key topics from threat recognition to practical self-defence. Includes indepth training notes, feedback and training exercises. It is ideal for executives, families or high profile figures.



Young Person's Awareness and Personal Safety


This course helps young people to increase their awareness, understand some of the different types of aggression and how to avoid or disengage whether in the urban environment, communting to and from school or heading to university in a different area.



Travel Safety Workshop


This  is an interactive workshop designed to help people who may be travelling abroad, whether for work, gap years or holidays. It is about understanding the threats and addresses key measures to reduce exposure. This course can be delivered at schools, companies or even online in some cases. Travel safety notes also provided.



School's Personal Safety and Resilience Workshop


Delivered at schools, this talk covers urban awareness, reading the road ahead, travel safety and ways to reduce exposure to aggression.  The second part of this course focuses on the subject of resilience to help young people better manage some of the demands of modern life- from handling exams, interviews or peer based challenges. Participants are introduced to Eastern mind body practises and communication skills to boost confidence and be calmer under pressure and less emotionally reactive.



Women's Self-Protection and Awareness 


Whether you are a company in the city, wanting to help your female staff improve their self protection skills, or an organisation- this training is designed to address some of the scenarios and challenges that women may face.  It also looks at  practical and direct tactics. One off introduction courses or regular sessions  available.



Corporate Resilience Training


This involves the use of unique mind body practises, relaxation tactics, breathing exercises, energy work, as well as ancient martial art skills. It's great for performance enhancement and handling a fast paced work environment.  It can be delivered through private one to one sessions or small group workshops.



Leadership and Handling Crisis Master Class with Former  Military Figures and Security Professionals


Tri Tier has a pool of associates with experienced military and security backgrounds. Talks can be arranged for companies and organisations wanting to better adapt to a challenging, fast changing new terrain.



Executives' Urban Awareness Course


Are you an executive whose works involves commuting or business travel in urban environments? This course helps you better detect and avoid trouble. It is about accessing your observation skills and better adapting to the unexpected.



Tactical Training for Security and Law Enforcement


This is specialised closed quarter training to help prepare those working in the above fields to handle various forms of aggression. Areas addressed include: edged weapon survival, tactical movement skills, de-escalation and strategy.



Media Consultancy


Designed for the entertainment industry, whether film, television, or gaming sector, Tri-Tier can introduce consultants to advise on everything from: character fight tactics, or law enforcement, security or military advisory and creative input.



Please note that unless one to one training is requested; most courses are designed for smaller groups of about ten people- to ensure participants are given adequate coaching time.