"​As a former senior detective with CID, I can say that Aran's set of skills are especially valid considering today's threats. Useful for law enforcement and others."
NW, former senior Metropolitan police officer and director of security and investigations company
"In my professional opinion, as a employee in the security industry, Aran is an expert in the field of stress management and security tactics. His sharing of knowledge...gives us professionals a better understanding of how to cope with potentially dangerous work situations. Also, Aran's training...will help you cope with everyday stress and life changing circumstances."
A H, US Homeland Security
"The training Aran provided was invaluable while I was travelling in South America. Luckily, I didnt have to use any of the physical defence tactics but the awareness skills I learnt during the session came in handy on numerous occasions and got me out of situations that could have turned nasty. Aran was incredibly thorough during the session and very kindly kept in touch for the entirety of my 5 month trip, sending me updates on the security situation of the countries I was going to and to make sure I was safe along the way. I cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone going on a trip or at home and I am sure the things I learned will stay with me throughout my life."
D.D, marketing and communications executive
"My weekly sessions with Aran have turned me from a tense...stressed litigation lawyer into a calm, relaxed and energetic one. It works."
S.D, lawyer, corporate litigation
"I can highly recommend Aran if you want to learn more about womens' personal safety...His training made me more aware of my surroundings, which in turn made me feel safer when out and about."
M.B, personal trainer
"Aran has a great grasp of the culture of street awareness, whether travelling, or on the streets of London. Aran has created an approach of his own, for identifying potential threats, from the surrounding setting. His teaching incorporates using your senses and gut instinct, manoeuvring your body while maintaining calmness, in the event of any threat, ensuring you, as an individual, have some tools to better avoid physical confrontation. Talented educator and worthy of your time."
R.D, former Royal Marine, 45 Commando and hostile environment specialist
"Aran's understanding of the human body is of a high level. His teaching method is dynamic and practical."
PH, chiropractor, former Aikido instructor
"The system and methods that Aran has developed over a lifetime of dedication are highly effective. Learning to reduce mental and physical tension not only allows vastly more effective performance, but the awareness of... how to manage this tension pays great dividends in daily life."
RD, aviation professional and former RAF fighter pilot