Case Studies:



1: A London based investment group wanted their employees to increase awareness of current threats. Aran delivered concise workshops, covering avoidance skills and urban disengagement.



2: A sports marketing agency were keen to provide female staff with direct self-defence tactics and conflict handling strategies, useful when commuting, late at night. We introduced attendees to core threat recognition principles and practical movement skills. Other areas introduced included: fear management and resilience. It was also a good team building activity.



3: A senior executive, in a high powered role, wanted to increase personal safety skills and better handle unexpected situations. Client was provided with ongoing weekly one to one training sessions and travel safety knowledge.



4: After the terror based knife attacks in 2017, Tri-Tier's edged weapon survival course was provided to the Metropolitan Police Service's tactical trainers.  Instructors were shown dynamic training drills and strategies.



5: Two female teengagers were due to go travelling, in Asia and Inter Railing in Europe. Both participated in The Tri Tier Foundation Course and received intensive training on travel safety, and self-protection skills. Other subjects included: avoiding drink spiking and awareness in nocturnal social settings. Both absorbed key principles and were able to apply them  whilst travelling and later, at university.



6. A high profile figure in the media world wanted her family to increase safety skills and better recognise deceptive behaviour from third parties.  Aran provided intensive training to help them sharpen observation skills, whilst moving about the city and to better read situations.



7. A high end food brand wanted to gauge current staff awareness levels and security protocol. We carried out a real time assessment with constructive feedback.



8.  A London hotel whose staff  faced increases in  verbal aggression, physical attacks and unexpected situations post pandemic, requested our training. Staff were taught de-escalation tactics, conflict handling strategies and exercises to reduce tension and be calmer under pressure. They were also introdued to breathing practises and accessible mind body exercises to reduce reactivity and increase well being. The course allowed staff to convey the challenges they faced and boosted morale.