Three Little Pigs- a Tri Tier story



Once upon a time in London, there were three little pigs living in the city, with their families. The first little pig was aware that any city could present security challenges, plus he himself worked in the security sector. He moved into a good area. He invested in cameras, suitable locks on the doors  and was  sensible, when it came to security matters.  Alas,  as the years went by, he just felt, with all these measures in place, and the fact nothing had ever happened on his street,  all was well... What a peaceful neighbourhood .


One day, he was unloading some ski equipment from his car. He opened the front door, dropped some items on the hall table and briskly went into the drawing room to talk to his family, about the evening's theatre visit. A certain family member did not want to go to the theatre and a small debate ensued but then there was harmony, as eventually all agreed to go. He went back to the car to get the last bag and noticed  a hooded figure, on a bike cycling quickly away with a bag, just like his... He also saw that his phone was missing, off the hall table. The big bag wolf chuckled, as he cycled away. He didn't even need to huff and puff to blow the house down....The front door had only been left slightly ajar, for four  minutes.



'Little pig, little pig let me in....'


In a similar area, lived Piggy number 2. He was very attentive with security, having lived in far more dangerous places, around the world. He too had security measures installed and he always told his family to be switched on, when they went out and to be careful, regarding opening of the door to strangers.  As the years went by, he maintained his sense of awareness and things were dandy. His family started to grow and they decided a nanny was needed. Nanny was brilliant and the children adored her. One day when they were at a school play, the intercom was pressed and nanny asked who it was.


"I'm from an online shop. Got a delivery. Can you sign for it?" said a rushed, gruff voice.


Nanny knew the family were often ordering books  and clothes online, so she didn't bother to ask who the package was for and she didn't look out the window, from the first floor. She simply opened the door to collect. Had she looked from the window, she would have seen two mopeds with engines running but stationary outside, with one  tense  rider on one, without helmet and the other hooded rider by the door, with head looking away from the camera. She opened the door to collect the package and the big bad wolf rushed in, aggressively demanding jewellery and cash. Nanny handed  over the valuables but the whole experience really terrified her. She was from a peaceful, rural village and had never been briefed, on this type of situation.



Now the third little piggy...



The wolf headed to another house the next day. This was the house of the third little piggy. Now the third little piggy was smart.  He didn't live in fear of crime  but he maintained awareness, learnt about trends and tactics of wolves and calmly briefed all family members.  The big bad wolf, looking somewhat suspicious, with erratic behaviour and muttering inchorently, possibly on drugs. He even seemed to have one hand in jacket pocket, as if carrying a weapon. He  knocked on the door in impatient manner and knocked and knocked... Even testing to see if the door was unlocked. The third little piggy observed this, from his camera monitor screen. The piggy then raced into his study, where he a kept a sharp Gurkha's kukri and a Glock. 'Payback time!' he thought. Joke!!! This is a fairy tale not an Equalizer movie!


No, the third little piggy simply stayed upstairs, with the phone close by and the wolf left, after a few more knocks on the door. Then, a few weeks later another wolf tried to get in. This wolf rang the bell and the piggy's teenage son answered, on their  newly fitted  intercom. The wolf said : "I am from the electric company and need to come in, to read your meter."


The son very politely but firmly declined, having been briefed on this tactic and knowing that this was out of the norm. The wolf walked away, sheepishly.



Tri Tier Insights:


I am heading to a house this afternoon to see a family that was raided recently by very  aggressive robbers, who got in claiming they were from an online  delivery service and let in, by a household employee. This type of tactic is  being used quite a bit to gain entry.  The security insights to take from our re- telling of The Three Little pigs are as follows:


1. You can have the best structure in place and get breached due to complacency and compromising on preventative protocol. Inactivity on the part of aggressors, is not a reason to reduce awareness levels. Sometimes, it is those with experience or knowledge who can become complacent.


2. An infrastructure is only as strong as all it's joints. If not all household members or staff are effectively briefed on best protocol, it leaves a gap that can be penetrated by an opportunist intruder. Communication is key.


3. Awareness of trends and tactics  prevents one being caught by surprise.


4. Note how some aggressors use frontal aggression and pressure to penetrate; others will try to use deception or more subtle pressure, at least until they get in.


5. All members of the house should be briefed on the role and what they should or should not do or authorise. Also good to brief all members on day to day activity, movements and expected visitors or deliveries.


6. Maintain and raise awareness, when approaching, entering or exiting abode. Do so in a smooth, decisive fashion, without fumbling for keys or speaking on the phone etc.




Stay safe





About the author:


Aran is the founder of the Tri Tier tactical training system. He specialises in personal safety, urban disengagement  travel awareness and resilience. With diverse experience in various areas of the security sector, Aran also works with global security companies involved in investigations, due diligence and reputation safeguarding. Deployed on the ground in numerous cases, he provides unique  intelligence and profiling capabilities.


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