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Now,  more people are travelling, as things begin to open up with a little more ease.  It's good to  look at the subject of travel safety. Actually,  a lot of the travel subjects we address, can still be applied, when moving about London or other areas, within your home country. Whether you are going on a business trip or a weekend getaway, some of the safety principles we address should come in useful.

Now, when it comes to overseas trips to exotic lands or modern cities, Tri Tier's travel safety courses also provide some region specific information. The advantage of working with a diverse pool of security professionals is that I can often get access to some local information or location relevant details, relating to everything from crime trends to current affairs.  On top of this, there's a lot of combined knowledge on survival, safe travel protocol and threat avoidance. Travel safety and related topics represents diverse subject matter, so it's important to have talented individuals all share their input, especially when some of this information could potentially prevent serious situations, from occurring.
Here are a few basic points to think about, if you want to hone your travel craft...

Time management:


Travel usually requires a good level of preparation, especially if going away for long periods or to far away lands.  This is one phase, where time management is crucial. You want time to organise your preparation and plan the trip itself. You will need time to get kit, area relevant jabs, key documents and make other arrangements.


Time management is also vital when heading to or leaving your destination. When we rush, it's easy to make mistakes, increase stress levels or forget important items or protocol that should be followed. When we rush, we compromise our awareness and we can expose ourselves to other risks.


Time management is also about timing. Let's say you are travelling around a country, perhaps using internal flights or other forms of transport; you want to try and avoid scenarios where you arrive at an unfamiliar area late at night, where risks of being exposed to crime increase and transport is less accessible. You also want to avoid situations where you have to wait about in exposed areas for transport to arrive. Good planning is vital. Think about factors that can slow you down- weather conditions, public holidays, traffic, trying to fit in too much into your travel itinerary or other delays.
Travel kit:


It is as important to know what not to take, as it is to know what essential things, you need to take. How many times have you seen backpackers so over loaded with kit and clothes that they can barely move about. Try not to overload, with unnecessary items. Firstly, you don't want to get hit by excess luggage fees at the airport, especially if you travel on a budget! You also don't want to strain your muscles or compromise mobility. 


In the planning phase, think carefully about what you really need. Even older business travellers should consider how they pack their clothes and items so that they don't get lugged down, with too many bags. If you are seen wondering around with suit case, travel bag, garment bag, lap top case and others, you may be seen as a target, for opportunistic muggers. Also, consider where you keep key items, like phone chargers and documents so you have good access to them.


Think about good travel clothes that help you to effectively carry key items, with less chance of losing them or being so exposed to pick pockets. It can be really annoying and stressful, if your phone falls out of your trouser pocket, as you leave a taxi, especially when in foreign terrain.
Cultural awareness:


It always important to know what behaviours, gestures or conversational topics can cause locals to take offence or get unwanted attention, from the authorities. Jay walk in certain countries and the police may look to fine you or give you a hard time. Wear an inappropriate t shirt, in certain cultures and you may provoke locals if some imagery is insulting to their beliefs or again, you may get into trouble with the authorities.


In certain countries, particularly certain Middle East regions, lack of clothes can get you in a lot of trouble. In areas where that has been some civil unrest, be careful of trekking gear that looks a bit military, as you risk  gaining unwanted attention and may be viewed with suspicion. Also, be very cautious where and what you take photographs of.



If you know any families, with members who might be travelling, please let them know about this training. It could help someone to avoid  all kinds of trouble! This is practical knowledge that can be applied on many travels and adventures,  in the years ahead.
Safe travels,
About the author:
Aran is the founder of the Tri Tier tactical training system. He specialises in personal safety, urban disengagement,  travel awareness and resilience. With diverse experience in various areas of the security sector, Aran also works with global security companies involved in investigations, due diligence and reputation safeguarding. Deployed on the ground in numerous cases, he provides unique  intelligence and profiling  capabilities.


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